Hey! We are «Psychodemia»
«Psychodemia» is
Online school
We conduct more than 20 courses in psychological counseling, coaching, sexology, HR and other areas. Our programs are based on practical classes, where students get the skills that are really needed in the profession.
Scientific laboratory
We conduct research in the field of counseling psychology, psychotherapy and training for our online school. The laboratory staff uses this data to make the courses high-quality, understandable and effective.
Customer Center
We help students find their first clients: they work with people for free under the supervision of teachers in our client center. Psychodemia is an exclusive academic partner of the Higher School of Economics, so all students of the Faculty of Psychology practice in our center under the supervision of our supervisors. If you want to get help in the client center apply here.
Online platform
As residents of Skolkovo, we are developing a special online platform to effectively train people in psychological specialties. This way we will be able to make education even more accessible and better.
«Psychodemia» in numbers
people studying right now
of students finish their courses
teachers work with us
Our principles in teaching
We teach only reliable approaches whose effectiveness is scientifically proven. We have a clear model of the competencies of a psychologist-consultant, which was developed by scientists of our laboratory — they are mastered by all students of our basic course "Mastery of psychological counseling".
Competence approach
At the heart of our training is the acquisition of skills. Students study in interaction with classmates and teachers. They participate in interviews, supervisions, practice in pairs and groups, analyze sessions of psychologists together, develop projects, consult real clients under the supervision of professionals — and so form and hone the necessary skills. Therefore, our graduates are able to work safely and effectively with a person, and not only understand the theory.
The effectiveness of online learning
We conduct all courses online: we do not adapt offline programs, but initially we build training so that it is effective for all students who sit at computers. We also develop and implement non-standard training formats. For example, we have interactive simulators where you can consolidate knowledge of theory and practice skills.
Safety and ethics
We stand for a therapeutic approach — our students learn it and feel it in the process. We try to support everyone not only technically, but also emotionally, and create a comfortable environment of equality and inclusivity. We do not allow neglect, disrespect, bullying, violence, violation of borders.
Therefore, we issue diplomas of the established sample, which give the right to practice
Оur students can also receive a tax deduction for tuition up to 13%.
Our teachers
We select teachers-practitioners with extensive experience - on average 10-15 years, scientific achievements and prestigious awards, including the "Golden Psyche" - the most prestigious award in the field of psychology in Russia. But personal qualities are no less important to us:
Our teachers in the media:
we work with those who communicate with students on an equal footing and create a safe and supportive space.
Our Community
We appreciate open communication and exchange of experience. Students share their impressions, difficulties and personal victories with each other in educational chats and at reflective meetings, and graduates gather for interviews and discuss their work cases with colleagues.
Our teachers are ready to answer any question about theory and practice, and curators with knowledge in psychology will always support and guide in the process.
Our key partners
«Psychodemia» — is the only platform where all students of the HSE Faculty of Psychology study to become a psychologist-consultant since 2022. They spend their first sessions in the client center under the supervision of our supervisors.
Graduates of "Psychodemia" can get into the Alter database of psychologists: our training is counted in the selection as a full-fledged psychological education. To get on the platform, they only need to pass an internal interview with the Company's employees.
Alter — the leading online platform for the selection of psychologists in Russia
We are implementing joint projects to develop and promote evidence-based psychotherapy in Russia.
«Pure Cognitions» is a media project dedicated to the popularization of psychotherapy and psychology
Together with the representatives of the board, we make materials and courses for our students, highlight the main issues of ethical work of a psychologist.
The Ethics Board is an association that forms and develops ethical principles among psychologists and psychotherapists in Russia